Two-thirds of American households own a dog, and 78.1 percent of pet owners have traveled with a dog.

This is part of the reason airlines and hotels are starting not only to allow pets, but market themselves as “pet-friendly.” But, which travel brands are the best for pets? This is what we think.

Best for international travel.
If you’re traveling internationally to Europe and you want to bring your furry friend, this is a great, cost-effective airline for you. There is a $100 pet fee for bringing a dog on board, and it will cost between $200 and $400 for checking large dogs. Addionally, Lufthansa offers the most room for large kennels and carriers.

Southwest Airlines
Best for domestic travel, emotional support animals.
You don’t need to submit your doctor’s letter prior to the flight for emotional support animals (though you will still need one.) This isn’t the case for Delta or American, which require you to submit your documentation 48 hours prior. Under the 1986 Air Carrier Access Act, emotional-support and service animals fly free. For other animals, the pet fee is $95.00. However, Southwest does not allow pets to fly in the cargo holds of their planes, so look to another airline if you have a large dog that is not an emotional support or service animal.

Best for making a new friend.
Fairmont hotels are notoriously dog friendly. They even have canine ambassadors which are resident hotel dogs (usually a Labrador) that can be pet and walked by guests. There is a pet fee of about $25 or $50 dollars per day, and a portion of this is donated to adoption centers.

Best for treating your pup.
“Loews loves pets.” Loews has 16 hotels across 12 U.S. states, and employs pet-friendly marketing. When you stay with your furry friend, you will be provided beds and treats. (They’ll even provide a litter box, if you opt to bring a cat.) You can also order something from the Pet Menu, such as a Bow Wow Tenderloin of Beef, described as “a hearty meal of filet of beef with eggs and rice.”
Best when traveling internationally.
Marriott International “offers a variety of pet-focused amenities” at their hotels. They write that your pets are “family” and at their hotels they “love your pets and welcome them.” Pet fee, weight, and breed restrictions vary–so you’ll want to call the Marriott you are thinking of staying at. Thankfully, with more than 6,500 hotels to choose from, chances are you will be able to find somewhere that makes you–and your best friend–very happy.