A couple weeks ago we asked you what you thought about unbundled business class seats. Many of you left comments on this piece with your thoughts. Here’s a sampling of what you had to say:

The lounge is nice. But the real reason I get biz is the cool bed and the ability to spring right into action when I arrive. So if it is a plane with a nice, non angled bed, I will take it without the lounge. If this saves me $30, I will use some of it at the airport restaurant instead of the lounge, and still come up ahead..

– Ron, June 17 2019

I have always felt that a Biz ticket should come with all the frills: lounge access, better service, better food, greater luggage allowance, earlier boarding, more space for storage, lie-flat seat. Those that believe the lie-flat seat alone justifies a three to seven-fold increase in price over economy are selling themselves short.

I will not be buying “special” Biz class. I like the additional perks and feel that the price charged for a Biz ticket warrants those services. Lounge access is very useful on layovers following an intercontinental flight as I found out flying SFO to MEL with a several hour layover in SYD. Having access to recliners, showers, and good food was great after an overnight 14 hour flight.

– Dan, June 20, 2019

Cook Travel is spot on when they say other airlines will follow this practice. Actually, I’m surprised AA hasn’t done so already. As for international travel to anywhere in SE Asia, I won’t fly with anyone but Singapore Airlines, even if they start this “new” business class deal.

– David S, June 21, 2019

As along as every seat has aisle access, I don’t really care if there isn’t advance seat assignment unless, as commented earlier, I’m flying with someone else. The decision is really a function of the cost saving. Lounge access is nice, but there are plenty of cards, as mentioned, where that is available.

Another factor, not mentioned, is if the baggage allowance for this “special” class will be reduced to that of a coach ticket. Will these passengers board with the regular business class, or will they have to wait and made to feel shamed as less patrician than the full fare folks?

– Chuck L., June 21, 2019

On a seperate note, Chuck also wrote to us to say this about international business class:

Is there anything worse than working on your laptop on that tiny tray in coach and then, without warning, the seat in front of you goes into recline mode? That is a huge advantage of being in international business class. On DL, some of the domestic first class seats aren’t much better than coach if you want to get something done on the computer.

We appreciate our customers’ insights on all things travel.

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