“Try this medication you’ve never tried before.”

Sure, jet lag is the worst—but your twelve-hour international flight is not the time to try whatever bizarre sleeping pill your cousin swears by. Instead, book a lay-flat airplane seat, and get some shut-eye the old-fashioned way.

“Just visit the theme park version of the country.”

Yes, this is real advice that someone gave. This should go without saying, but visiting the Morocco pavilion at Epcot does not count as visiting Morocco.

“Don’t travel during peak season.”

Sometimes there’s a good reason for peak season. Sure, there will be greater crowds—but if it’s really the time to go, then go! (Cherry blossom season in Japan is one “peak time” that’s worth the crowds.)

“Don’t take tours.”

It’s a good idea to schedule plenty of time for self-guided exploration, but there’s nothing wrong with a tour from an expert—especially when visiting a historically rich locale.

“Don’t eat the street food.”

Eat the street food. You’ll like it.


What’s the worst travel advice you’ve ever been given?