Why does first class board first?

We’ll always choose a short flight over a long one. So why do those with the most expensive seats on the plane board first, resulting in more time spent sitting on the plane?

“Boarding early is about one thing only: not having to gate check your carry-on bag,” writes Gary Leff of View from the Wing.

If you don’t board first, you run the risk of there not being any nearby bin space left. Technically, the bin space in first class is for those seated in first class, but this rule isn’t enforced.

The staff prioritizes speedy boarding over making sure everyone only uses the bin space near to them. In fact, when space runs out near a passenger, staff asks them to store their bag in any available space—even if it’s in the very front or back of the plane.

So if you’re flying first class, you could wait to board last, but at risk of having to check your bag.

A commenter by the name of losingtrader actually prefers to board first, writing, “I prefer to board first so I can sneer at the GREAT UNWASHED.”

But we would venture a guess that isn’t the reason most first class flyers opt to board first.

“I travel mostly Int’l and prefer boarding first so I can change into my PJ,” writes commenter Marcus.

“If it takes 30 minutes to board the plane, and I am in first, why would I prefer to sit in waiting area rather than on board in comfy seat with predeparture beverage?” writes commenter Greenfish.

And, taking a different approach, Glen Towler writes “I think it is just so first class passengers can feel important.”

What are your reasons for boarding first?