9.4 million Cathay Pacific passengers have been affected by a data breach that was noticed by the airlines last month.

The stolen information includes “names, nationalities; birth dates, phone numbers, addresses, passport and identity card numbers and expired credit card numbers,” among other information. USA TODAY

The husband of one of our agents has already been affected by the breach. He was notified by his bank that someone in another country had tried to make a purchase for over 3,000 euros on the card that was affected by the breach.

We love Cathay Pacific. The airline is not often delayed, their business class lounges are amazing, and Cathay Pacific has 4 flights a day from JFK to Hong Kong—talk about convenient.

But no one needs to expose their credit card information to theft to book a great flight on Cathay Pacific. When you book through us, your credit card number is not collected and added to the airline’s database. (And not to mention, you can save thousands of dollars.)