From Forbes Magazine: stop making your life so difficult!

According to Forbes Magazine, sometimes we make the same travel mistakes over and over. But there’s no need to do that! Here are the 5 worst mistakes you can make when flying.

1. Not booking your seat when you book your plane ticket

If you don’t book in advance, you could end up sitting next to the toilet. Gross!

2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes
Even if you need professional-looking shoes for when you land, toss a pair of flip flops or sneakers into your carry-on to make the flight itself more comfortable.
3. Not bringing back-up cosmetics in your carry-on

Sometimes you land and need to hit the ground running. So don’t get caught with bad breath or BO when the CEO is waiting to pick you up at baggage claim!

4. Not getting a jump on jet lag

If you know you need to be on your A-game when you land, plan ahead: take mini-naps during the flight and drink plenty of herbal tea.

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