Summer Sales: 20% Off Business Class Air Fare from NYC to Frankfurt you’re in luck! The airlines are slowly starting to unveil their summer fares, but stay tuned and more may come.
 Airlines: Air Canada, Austrian, British Airways, Brussels, Lufthansa, SWISS, United, US Airways.

Sample Business Class Air Fares to Europe:

  • New York to Dublin: from $2,834 (compared to $3,425–save up to 20%!)
  • New York to Brussels: starting at $2,839
  • New York to Rome: starting at $2,844
  • New York to Barcelona: starting at $2,868
  • New York to Dusseldorf: starting at $2,898
  • New York to Amsterdam: starting at $2,890
  • New York to Copenhagen: starting at $2,911
  • New York to Stockholm: starting at $2,904
  • New York to Paris: starting at $2,915
  • New York to Frankfurt: starting at $2,917


To see if your itinerary qualifies, call one of our agents at 800-435-8776 or click to request a quote!

Restrictions: Advance purchase of 60 days required with minimum Sunday stay and maximum stay of one month. Travel season: June 27 to Aug. 30 for departures and June 29 to Sept. 4 for returns (no travel season listed for U.S. Airways). Ticketing deadline: July 2 (Feb. 12 for U.S. Airways). Please keep in mind that no all fares are available on all carriers.