Virgin Atlantic has 16 Airbus A330-900neos ordered, the first of which will be delivered this fall. We knew that Virgin would be installing a new business class product on these planes, and we can now give you a sneak peak. There’s even an extra surprise, with Virgin Atlantic introducing something better than business class for the first time: introducing the Retreat Suite, the latest iteration of Virgin’s Upper Class cabin. Launching this October with an inaugural flight to Boston, The Retreat suite happens to offer the most spacious seat in the airline’s history. It will feature 2 pairs of seats at the front and center of the cabin, which can seat up to 4 people when you use the ottomans which double as extra chairs for your dinner guests, if you’re feeling fancy. There is also a divider if you are traveling solo and less keen to break bread with your suite mate. The seats are fit for an NBA player–measuring 6 feet 7 inches and converting into a fully flat bed, compared to 6 feet 5 inches in Upper Class. Even the TV is a whopping 27” –bigger than my home television, if I’m being honest–for an IMAX-like experience in the sky. By comparison, Upper Class screens are 17.3” wide. Retreat Suite fares will command a mark-up of about $240 on regular Virgin Business Class fares, and will be available to book 14 days prior to take off for Upper Class passengers. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. But, and there’s always a but… there are no windows in the Retreat Suite, given their central position at the front of planes. For claustrophobic people, regular Upper Class may be the way to go.The Retreat Suite is piggybacking off of a Business/First hybrid trend that began even before Covid, with airlines like Malaysian opting for a blended model, and JetBlue doing something similar with its spacious Mint Suite at the front of the cabin.

Virgin’s Upper Class seats all feature a closing door for added privacy. If you aren’t ready to spring for the sweet life in the Retreat Suite, the Upper Class cabin will feature 30 Suites with privacy doors plus a “Do Not Disturb” sign, an actual door, and even a mirror to ensure you aren’t scaring the cabin crew after your slumber. And there’s even some luxe add ons for the premium economy folks. Same seats as before, but wireless charging and improved calf rests in every seat, plus a 13.3” touchscreen TV.
Mexico is always a favorite destination, especially when you can travel there in style, and for almost half price Currently, nonstop roundtrip business class seats to Mexico City on American Airlines are going for $940 in November, just in time to score some sun before Christmas. Comparatively, United is charging over 50% more, commanding $1500 for the same ticket. November is also the start of the dry season, which means the balmiest, loveliest weather in Mexico, bar none. Lock in this price today before the rest of the world catches on to this blink-and-miss-it steal of a deal. 

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