With monkeypox spreading daily, it makes sense you may be concerned about traveling during the outbreak. This past week, New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared the Monkeypox situation a disaster emergency, while the WHO deemed it a global health emergency. Over 18,000 cases have been confirmed around the globe. 

Chief epidemiologist at NYU Michael Phillips said those looking to take a trip in the coming months actually have nothing to worry about. 

The CDC warns that travelers should practice “enhanced precautions,” namely washing hands often and avoiding touching their faces–still, they maintain it poses a low risk to the general public. The typical tourist or business traveler should not be too concerned, since there is a very low risk of transmission through casual contact, and transmission on airplanes hasn’t been reported up to now. Rather, prolonged physical contact through sexual activity is more likely to breed the virus. Additionally, airborne transmission isn’t a major cause for concern, neither is contracting it through simply sitting next to someone who is infected. 

While patients with lesions can contaminate linens, cleaning and the typical laundry hotels do between guests is sufficient. Unlike Covid or the flu or other respiratory viruses, monkeypox isn’t rapidly transmissible. 

If travel isn’t on the agenda yet for this coming fall, the time to lock in your tickets at record-low prices is now. Prices for fall are significantly lower than summer fares. Plus, cancellation rates are not as high as they were in the spring and early summer, which are now down to around 2% and starting to resemble normal. 

Now that the world is your oyster, may we suggest a jaunt to Istanbul? Finnair is offering Business Class round trip tickets this fall for $2300, and it just so happens that fall is considered the best time to visit the city of hammams, bazaars, world renowned mosques, and kebabs. Fun fact: did you know Istanbul is the only city in the world that connects 2 continents together? Asia and Europe. With fares this low and travel looking more seamless than it’s been in years, today is the day to book your Business Class trip to Turkey at Economy prices.

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