Delta is changing the way we navigate airports, and we can’t say we’re feeling nostalgic about saying goodbye to those cluttered airport screens overflowing with information from dozens of flights.

The company is testing technology at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport that lets up to 100 travelers privately see their unique personal flight info on the same screen. 

While this “Parallel Reality” departure board technology is complex, it’s also really cool. Delta is using the high-tech departure board in Detroit as part of its digital identity experience which will let travelers have a more streamlined baggage check, security, and boarding experience. 

If you’re one of the lucky few to get a taste of the future, you’ll have to opt in at a kiosk by scanning your boarding pass or digital identity, creating a private viewing zone at your location. The display directs relevant flight information to that zone. As you move around, an overhead sensor continually shifts the private zone to your new location, so you can see your personalized content as you move about. 

With this system, the screen can show different information to different people standing before the same screen, allowing up to 100 customers to see their itinerary, even when standing beside a stranger taking in the same screen, albeit with an entirely different itinerary. And expect even more rapid advancements to this futuristic travel technology soon: unlike traditional pixels, each of these pixels can send different colors of light in tens of thousands or even millions of directions. 

Inflation may be making your eggs 21% more expensive, but your next flight may be a total steal. Flight prices are expected to drop significantly this September, according to the last inflation report, where airfare fell 2%. Now pundits are saying to expect even further drops in the coming weeks. Round trip fares from Chicago to Paris right now are almost 3x as expensive as what you would pay in October. 

To take advantage of this unique moment in time, lock in affordable prices by booking soon, with one to three months before your trip being the “Goldilocks window” for scoring good deals. Business Class Icelandair NYC To Paris Early October for 2k roundtrip? Yes Please.

Germany’s flag carrier, Lufthansa, has canceled more than 1,000 flights this week due to strike action, impacting 130,000 passengers. The German airline announced it would cancel almost all of its German-based flights in Germany on Wednesday, which is a big deal considering we’re in the middle of the peak travel season. At Frankfurt airport 678 flights will be cut, and 92,000 passengers affected. These cancellations include some international flights from Bangkok, New York, and New Delhi.  

So, what’s all the fuss about? The union is calling for a 9.5% wage increase for Lufthansa ground staff, and the union claims the staff are overworked due to shortages, high inflation, and a 3-year wage freeze. Around 20,000 workers are participating in the strike. Lufthansa has responded, saying it “offered very substantial pay increases over the next 12 months, but the strike action is simply no longer proportionate.” 

Strikes seem to be in vogue this summer, with Ryannair, British Airways, and easyJet all impacted by strikes. 

So, you want to travel and avoid delays, cancellations, and the mayhem in the news. The American Customer Satisfaction Index is a good place to start, and it recently came out with its travel report. 2 of their top picks according to timely arrival and quality of flying experience? Delta took the lead for best overall operations, with few instances of mishandled baggage and on-time departures and arrivals. United is another fan favorite, plus with new pilot contracts that involve a real pay boost, canceled flights are likely not in your future when flying with either of these carriers. 

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