Forgetting items on a flight is a common issue for travelers, but this past week, a mother and father in China made the mistake of leaving their 10-year-old daughter on the plane.

According to Travel Pulse, the unidentified parents were traveling with their daughter on a China Southern Airlines flight when the plane landed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport following a journey from Chengdu.

Once crew members thought all of the passengers had disembarked from the plane, they began cleaning the aircraft. A short-time later, an airline employee was stunned to find the 10-year-old girl asleep in the back of the plane.

After waking up the little girl, crew members asked her for the phone number of her parents so they could inform them of their mistake. The 10-year-old girl provided employees with the number and the parents were notified.

The little girl’s father told China Southern Airlines officials that they assumed their daughter would follow them off the plane because they were busy collecting their luggage.

While it’s uncommon, and flat-out horrible, for parents to leave their children on planes, unattended kids being left at airports happens far too much. In December 2016, a mother and father reported that their 12-year-old daughter was left unattended at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston after flight attendants from United Airlines who were supposed to take care of her as part of the unaccompanied minor program. 

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