New York to Mumbai via Dubai: $3,929

New York to Ahmedabad via Dublin: $3,929

Chicago to Johannesburg: $4,829

Dallas/Fort Worth to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi: $4,197

For reasons known only to Homeland Security–and maybe the protectionist U.S. carriers–Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways have been included in the in-flight electronics ban. (Even the British haven’t gone that far.) To compensate for the in-flight electronics ban (enforced by U.S. Homeland Security), Emirates is offiering free in-flight WiFi and loaner iPads, and Qatar Airways is offering loaner laptops. They are also responding with the kind of bargain fares that infuriate the U.S. airlines. From Emirates, for example, you can fly to Mumbai or Ahmedabad via Dubai from New York for as little as $3,929 roundtrip in business class. It’s $4,829 roundtrip from Chicago to Johannesburg. (Purchase by April 3 for travel by February 12). From Etihad, it’s $4,197 roundtrip in business class from Dallas/Fort Worth to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. (Purchase by April 7 and travel by January 31.) Just remember to leave your electronics behind.

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