Our favorite national holiday is upon us. (And no, it’s not August’s National Spoil Your Dog Day.)

National Cheap Flight Day (August 23rd) marks the time at the end of the summer season where prices for plane tickets drop dramatically. It’s around this time that students go back to school, and many Americans are planning for winter hermitage rather than summer vacation.

This is great news for the truly savvy travelers. With fewer people spending money on airfare between now and Thanksgiving, huge savings are to be found on every airlines–in first and business class, especially. According to one of our Senior Travel Advisors, premium fares are on average 23 percent cheaper!

Other benefits to traveling at this time? Well, for starters, you’ll enjoy lower prices in many other areas, including hotels and rental cars. If you’re looking to fly to Europe, you’ll find the weather is preferable to the record heatwaves they saw across the pond this past summer. (Not to mention, with fewer Americans traveling abroad, you will enjoy a more “European Europe.”)

As much as we love National Underwear Day over at Cook Travel, National Cheap Flight Day is really where it’s at for us.

So why not call us and see what deal we can find for you? ‘Tis the season, after all.