1. In the United States, spider web decorations are taken down after Halloween, but in Ukraine, Christmas trees are decorated with spider webs. According to folklore, the spider webs bring good luck in the coming year.

2. In Caracas, Venezuela, it is customary to roller skate to mass.

3. In Poland, Christmas Eve is a day of fasting, followed by a very large dinner of 12 traditional dishes at the appearance of the first star in the sky.

4. Also in Poland, some homes leave an extra seat and cutlery for any unexpected guests that might arrive to partake in their Christmas dinner, including the homeless.
Business Class to Poland: $2,277*

5. In Italy, on January 5th, people leave out broccoli, spiced sausage, and wine for a good—but ugly—witch named Befana.
Business Class to Milan: $2,599*

6. In Wales, someone will dress as a horse with a horse’s skull, and with five or six others, go house to house posing riddles or caroling in exchange for food and drinks.

7. In Japan, KFC is such a popular choice for dinner on December 25th that restaurants ask patrons to order their dinner months in advance.
Premium Economy to Japan: $1,599*