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Qatar Airways QSuite

Qatar Airways has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to commercial aviation. In March 2017, the airline rolled out their most disruptive product yet: this business class product with double beds, known as QSuites.

Not only is every single aspect of this product sensational, but the QSuites are remarkably accessible — Qatar Airways is installing QSuites at an unprecedented pace. These seats are excellent for couples because they are one of only 2 business class products that can become a double bed.

Singapore Airlines A380 Business Class

Singapore Airlines Airbus New A380 Business Double Bed

Singapore joins Qatar Airways as the only airlines offering business class double beds. In addition, Singapore Airlines offers some of the most technologically advanced aircraft with ultra-HD inflight monitors, super-fast Wi-Fi, awesome inflight entertainment choices, and more.

In addition to a seamless technology experience, Singapore Airlines has amazingly comfortable bedding and customized food choices via their Book The Cook service. These seats are fantastic for couples simply because of all the amenities in addition to the double bed option.

Emirates A380 Business Class

Aboard the A380, Emirates offers a comfortable business class product, and some seats are close enough to be side-by-side with your traveling companion — generally referred to as “honeymoon seats.”

There are a few things that scream “form over function,” but the overall experience in Emirates business class will be a memorable one. You’ll see some cool quirks such as power shades, a personal mini-bar, and glamorous finishes to your seat.

British Airways Business Class

Some seats are rear-facing and some are forward-facing.

Though interesting, this characteristic can be advantageous for couples traveling together because it’s very easy to see and talk with the other person. There are very few other products that feature an alternate orientation like British Airways.

Etihad Business Studio

Etihad distinguishes these seats from the rest of their offerings, calling their flagship business class seats the Business Studio. The seats are very well-cushioned and among the most comfortable seats in the world. In addition, you can expect to enjoy awesome service, great amenity offerings, and decent catering.

Importantly, the configuration of these seats is conducive to couples travel, since half of the middle seats are staggered next to each other. Most couples will enjoy this arrangement.